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We are certified, licensed, professional, experienced, skilled appraisers. Welcome to Tiffany Appraisal Services

Ottawa Area Real Estate & Appraisal Service

Tiffany Appraisal Services is a family owned and operated group of companies focused on Real Estate services in the Ottawa area. We specialize in Real Estate Consulting and Appraisals for residential and commercial property. The main company of the group commenced operations in 1986 and has evolved from an active real estate sales office, to a value-driven appraisal and consulting firm today.

Buying, Selling or Refinancing?

There are lots of reasons people buy, sell or refinance real estate,  you may have decided to move to a better neighborhood or to renovate an investment property. You may be downsizing your empty nest or have to sell because of personal circumstances. Regardless of the reason, appraising the property is essential to establishing true market value and getting the proper financing. Some of the major factors are:

  • the size, condition and location of your Ottawa home
  • the lot size, number of rooms and their function, and special features like garages,
  • decks, sunrooms, hot-tubs, etc.
  • the condition of the exterior and the interior, the foundation and grounds,
  • sale prices of other comparable properties.
  • costs of maintenance, utilities and taxes
  • energy efficiency improvements
  • market trends

Appraisal services we offer:

  • Mortgage Financing
  • Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation Support
  • Market and Feasibility Studies
  • Expropriation Valuation and Consulting
  • Assessment Review, Negotiation and Appeals
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Insurance Valuation
  • Reserve Fund Studies / Depreciation Reports
  • Marriage Dissolution
  • Municipal Redevelopment Studies

Types of commerical property we service:

  • Agriculural Use Properties
  • Apartment and Townhome Complexes, strata titled and purpose-built rental
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Campgrounds, Mobile Home Parks,  RV Parks
  • Churches and Places of Worship
  • Shopping centers
  • Fire Insurance, replacement cost estimates
  • Golf Courses, leases for underlying land and existing courses.
  • Hotels and Motels including rental pool arrangements.
  • Industrial and Service Commercial Property, vacant land, subdivisions, multiple unit strata titled developments, individual strata units up to large multiple tenanted complexes including industrial manufacturing plants.
  • Lot subdivisions
  • Resort Property, waterfront development
  • Self Storage Facilities



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