Zurich Investor Services is a Swiss finance company working not only in Switzerland, but also in different countries worldwide. Zurich Investor Services sales various commercial assets (business opportunities, franchises, commercial properties, shelf companies and used equipment). Hundreds of lucrative transactions were closed with our help over a period of three years of company’s history.


Zurich Investor Services collaborates with the International portal for buying and selling businesses and commercial assets https://business-asset.com. Zurich Investor Services and Business Asset Exchange both work globally and dominate in many countries and regions worldwide.


Sale of commercial assets is closed within the shortest time due to enormous customer database of Business Asset Exchange. The portal has big traffic. One of the most important advantage of Business Asset Exchange portal is that every seller has a possibility to choose regions and countries, where her listing will be shown.


Business Asset Exchange offers budget-friendly services for buying and selling of business opportunities, franchises, commercial properties, shelf companies and used equipment. The Website is much sought after because of its user-friendly interface, affordable prices and of course quality of its provided services. Both buyers and sellers usually remain satisfied with a time range for the deal.


The great team of specialists constantly support website running and is ready to help its users anytime in any questions, no matter what they concern either technical problems by creation of listing or paying problems or marketing consulting (for example how to position the listing the most attractive for buyers).


Nowadays Zurich Investor Services cooperates with Business Asset Exchange in introduction and extension of work of latter in German-speaking countries. The alliance of two companies engaged in the sale of commercial assets achieved success in this field.


Zurich Investor Services recommends for its customers to use services of Business Asset Exchange because of its high service quality. All our customers are satisfied because our main priority is to make profitable deals for both buyers and sellers.


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