How do we sell commercial real estate in Canada


Zurich Investor Services is a Swiss real estate company who successfully sells in the course of five years real estate of different types in different countries (including Canada). For five years more than 120 purchase contracts were successfully signed. It's well-known that commercial real estate purchase or sale can take several months. But we would like to dispel these rumors and convey our experience of the real estate quick sale.


So, in our work we use different ways to sell commercial real estate as quickly as possible. First, we use our customer database. Second, local newspapers and magazines. And third, our online partner - an international portal for buying and selling commercial property and other assets (


In general, we work with all types of real estate: commercial real estate, residential real estate, garages, parking and so on. Of course we use our customer database as often as possible. It enables the fastest sale of the assets and both parties remain generally satisfied.


The second source for the sale is the media- specialized newspapers and magazines that publish advertisements. However, it is to be noted that the press never brought excellent results. Perhaps the reason is that the press is losing popularity among the buyers. Most buyers prefer to contact agent to buy a high-quality object or surf the Internet independently, if they want to save some money.


But real estate brokers of our company use all three ways. Potential buyers can find our offers in the Internet. We work with “Business Asset Exchange” together for several years. The site is available worldwide and particularly active in Western and Eastern Europe. This increases the chances of fast sale of real estate. In our experience, about half of found buyers are from abroad.


In addition, Business Asset Exchange provides complex services in the field of purchase / sale of business assets. For example, on the website you can order directly legal assistance or make property valuation. This saves the time and effort. We and our buyers are absolutely satisfied with such cooperation.


So we described three ways, which Zurich Investor Services uses in its work with different kinds of property for sale.


We wish you success!